Printed Plastic Carrier Bags

We offer a wide range of styles, colours and sizes of plastic carrier bags printed with your corporate brand – most of which are available in bio-degradable material at competitive prices. Popular styles include:  die cut or punched out handle bags, rope handle bags, vest carriers or t-shirt bags, duffle bags, flexi loop handle bags, take away bags and fruit & veg bags on roll.

Die cut handle bags can be made from plastic or paper, depending on your needs or wishes. The die cut handle plastic bags you can find them in the following types: Varigauge, Turnover Top + Welded Across, Reinforced Patch Handle.

The rope handle bags can be made from plastic or paper. The rope handle plastic bags are more expensive than the rope handle paper bags. These bags offer you the opportunity to carry you shopping more easier and they are suitable for diverse activities like exhibitions, department stores, high street retail stores and much more. Rope handle bags are usually made with side and bottom gussets with top and bottom cardboard support.

The vest carrier plastic bags have the form of a t-shirt, that’s why they are called „t-shirt bags”. These bags are inexpensive, yet strong and durable, allowing for the bag to be re-used.

The plastic duffle bags are available with a polypropylene or cotton rope handle, which is threaded through the top fold and the eyelet at the bottom.

Flexi loop handle plastic bags are great to use at supermarkets, retail outlets or exhibitions. Flexi loop plastic carrier bags have reinforced handles made from thick polythene, which are welded to the inside of the bag.

Similar to flexi loop handle bags, take away plastic carrier bags also have reinforced handles made from thick polythene and are welded inside the bag, which provide extra strength to accommodate take aways. Great for take-aways, sweet shops, cafes, patisserie, restaurants or food courts.

The fruit and vegetable plastic bags are suitable for supermarkets so you can choose the fruits and vegetables you want. Plastic fruit and vegetable bags have frosted transparency with side gussets and are perforated for easy tearing.

The printed plastic carrier bags are great for a lot of uses. If you have a restaurant, a supermarket, a sweet shop, a take away or other business, you can access with confidence!