Smart Carrier Bags

22nd April 2016
Custom Carrier Bags

Build Your Brand Using Custom Carrier Bags by Smart carrier bags

Marketing your business is one of the major keys to the growth of your business whether you run a local chip shop, a retail shop or […]
22nd April 2016
Jute carrier bags

New Range of Wholesale Jute Carrier Bags UK

You may or you may not have heard of jute before. Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. Jute fibres are […]
22nd April 2016
cotton carrier bags

New Range of Wholesale Cotton Carrier Bags

Carrier cotton bags are becoming a real trend among everybody from the young people to the top celebrities. These useful bags have a lot of features, […]
29th February 2016
Paper Carrier Bags

The New 5p Charge for Plastic Carrier Bags Is a Success Says John Hirst, President Of Destination Bristol.

Following the current changes which have introduced a charge for a plastic bag in many retail electrical outlets, John Hirst, President of Destination Bristol explains exactly […]
3rd February 2016
Cotton Carrier Bags

Going Green – The Imprinted Marketing Products Method.

Making use of environment-friendly eco-friendly marketing items as well as renewable resources lessens greenhouse discharges that have an unfavourable influence on our world. Utilising solar; water […]
16th October 2015
plastic carrier bag charges

Plastic carrier bag charge – Does it apply to you or everyone?

The cost, which will apply for all retailers with 250 or more full-time staff members, is expected to dramatically lower the number of plastic bags taken […]
25th August 2015

Increase Your Revenue with Our Luxury Paper Bags

Do you own a business that sells certain products? Don’t you know that you can actually advertise your products by using luxury paper bags? Using luxury […]