How Branded Shopping Bags Drive Sales and Create Buzz

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22nd April 2016
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How Branded Shopping Bags Drive Sales and Create Buzz

Paper Carrier Bags

Using branded carrier bags to create a buzz about the stores that use them is a common habit and a timely one. With everyone wanting to use something that is re-usable instead of wasting resources on one-time use items; this is a great solution. The custom carrier bags will show off the stores they came from and people that see them full of purchases made by the owner of the bag will be curious and want to visit the store that the bags came from. This custom carrier bag indicates the owner has been shopping at a shoe store. The design on the bag makes one curious about the things available in the store matching the logo on the bag. Interested parties can seek out the store that the plastic carrier bag is from, and discover all they have to offer!

Using these branded bags is one way to give your store a new passive advertising that will be immediately seen by the public as soon as the customer walks out of your establishment with your custom carrier bag. It is easy to get any type you wish to use; Die cut handle bags are attractive and carry your logo for all prospective customers to enjoy. This style shows the contents and has a nice logo that is easily spotted when walking around with the bag. It stirs curiosity with the logo in wondering what other things the store carries and it makes the prospective customer want to go to the store to see for themselves the great things you have for sale.

Using custom carrier paper bags is a cost effective way to get the word out about your store, and helping the environment as well if this is a concern for you. The bags last through several trips, and if they are used in other stores, like a food store, or another that is unrelated to your establishment, your store gets more exposure. So, one bag can be seen by many people in the course of just one person using it for other shopping trips.

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Brandable Paper Carrier Bags

Paper carrier bags with your advertising on them are sturdy and will make a few trips to the store, but using a plastic carrier bag is more economical since they last longer, and hold colour well when imprinting your logo on them. Stirring up attention for your business is what it is all about, and eye-catching designs that are simple are the easiest for the public to remember you by.

The simple, yet colourful design here is eye-catching and memorable. The graphics on the front and back, with the name in the side panels, grab the attention of people who see this logo in public. The bright blue colour and the black and white of the shoes stand out nicely in an eye-catching show that is hard not to notice. Of course, you have your own ideas and want specific colours and pictures for your store logo and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone to render a sample of what you want. Then get it to a producer of custom carrier bags and have your design made for you.

Use simple, yet splashy graphics that can be remembered at a glance when your die cut handle bags hit the street! Your custom carrier bags will put the “word on the street’ that your store is a place to be when it comes to shopping. Plan your graphics out and make sure you convey your message across in a simple, yet eye-catching way that will be remembered when it is seen in public.

Brand able plastic carrier bags

Having a splashy store sign, and window graphics makes your choice easy when it comes to your custom plastic carrier bags, using store graphics on the bags will make your establishment immediately recognizable as something the customer has seen before, and they will be drawn to the store as a result of seeing the logo on plastic carrier bags other than on the store front. There are lots of ways your custom bags can promote your store and it is almost free advertising since you use bags branded with your logo that will be seen everywhere! Customers use these bags for things besides just shopping in your store!