Going Green

22nd March 2022

What Makes Printed Carrier Bags Such an Effective Marketing Tool?

If you’re looking for an exciting and unique marketing tool to increase the exposure of your brand in the marketplace, then you should consider adding printed […]
22nd March 2022

Advantages of Eco Friendly Carrier Bags

When you are ready to leave the grocery store, shopping for clothes, a commonly asked question during checkout is ‘ do you need a carrier bag? […]
11th August 2019


When it comes to choosing the kind of bag most matched to your company and brand name, there are a variety of factors to take into […]
23rd November 2018
Why Choose Cotton Bags in 2018 and Beyond?

Why Choose Cotton Bags in 2019 and Beyond?

People love printed bags! Big, small, plastic, fabric, or paper, it doesn’t matter. If you’re after something unique we have it, and if we don’t we […]
22nd April 2016
cotton carrier bags

New Range of Wholesale Cotton Carrier Bags

Carrier cotton bags are becoming a real trend among everybody from the young people to the top celebrities. These useful bags have a lot of features, […]