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23rd November 2018
Why Choose Cotton Bags in 2018 and Beyond?

Why Choose Cotton Bags in 2019 and Beyond?

People love printed bags! Big, small, plastic, fabric, or paper, it doesn’t matter. If you’re after something unique we have it, and if we don’t we […]
3rd February 2016
Cotton Carrier Bags

Going Green – The Imprinted Marketing Products Method.

Making use of environment-friendly eco-friendly marketing items as well as renewable resources lessens greenhouse discharges that have an unfavourable influence on our world. Utilising solar; water […]
16th October 2015
plastic carrier bag charges

Plastic carrier bag charge – Does it apply to you or everyone?

The cost, which will apply for all retailers with 250 or more full-time staff members, is expected to dramatically lower the number of plastic bags taken […]