Die Cut Handle Plastic Carrier Bags

Die cut handle bags are also known as “Punched out handle bags” made from conventional plastic LDPE, degradable LDPE with 2% epi additive, biodegradable or compostable materials like corn starch or sugar cane.


The material of varigauge die cut handle bags are double the thickness at the top than the bottom of the bag; providing extra strength to the handle.

Turnover Top (TOT) + Welded Across

The top of the bag is folded over inwards and welded across, which provides double strength to the handle. Turnover bags are more cost effective than Varigauge bags.

Reinforced Patch Handle

A reinforced patch is welded internally around the handle area, which provides additional strength and robustness to the handle.

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Bag Usage

Materials used

Plastic Die Cut Bag Specification

Standard Sizes


Die Cut Handle Plastic Bags Price

The price for plastic die cut handle bags will vary depending upon the type, size, thickness, colours, and printing requirements.

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Bag coloursPictures of following bags to be inserted: white, black, silver, gold, red burgundy, light blue, dark blue, royal blue, orange, yellow, Turquoise. Any Pantone® Colour – Click to view Pantone® Colours
Minimum order1000pcs
Delivery lead time2-3 weeks (depends upon the quantity and complexity of artwork. Express delivery can be within 7 days at extra cost of £45.
PrintingUp to 4 spot colours or even photographic images on both sides.
ArtworkIn-house artwork preparation by our professional design team. Existing artwork formats accepted: .pdf, .eps and .ai to be sent to artworks@smartcarrierbags.co.uk
Plate chargesFrom £90 per plate for average ink coverage, 1 FREE printing plate for quantities over 10,000pcs
DeliveryFREE delivery to one UK address on orders over 5,000pcs
Storage facilityAvailable from as little as 1p/box per day, min storage of 20 boxes

Die Cut Handle Plastic Carrier Bags UK

Die cut handle plastic carrier bags are one of the most popular types of custom printed plastic carrier bags  and are perfect for retailexhibitions and much more. These carrier bags are also known as punched out handle bags. You have probably seen punched out handle carrier bags being used at exhibitions and conferences, fashion shops and gift shops.

Punched out handle bags are long lasting and comfortable to carry. They are durable and also look very stylish. Having your customised carrier bags with your own company logo is a fantastic way of advertising and maximizing your company’s exposure.

Types of Die Cut Handle Plastic Carrier Bags:

Variguage Die Cut Handle bags:

These are made from polyethylene film which is double in thickness at the top of the bag than the bottom, therefore this enables the handle to be strong enough to cope with products of a heavier weight.

Die cut handle varigauge bags can be over printed as well printed with reel to reel printing. The over printing method is a cheaper way of printing bags rather than reel to reel printing whereas reel to reel printing offers precise print accuracy.

Our minimum orders for over printed plastic printed bags can be as little as 100pcs. Minimum order quantity for bags printed with 100% ink coverage is 3000pcs.

Turnover Top Plastic Carrier Bags:

This type of bag is made from flat thickness film. With this type of bag the top portion of the plastic bag is folded over and welded across to add more strength to the handle. Our minimum order quantity for this type of bags is 3000pcs.

Reinforced Patch Handle Carrier Bags:

This type of bag is also made from flat thickness film. With this type of bag a reinforcement patch is welded on the inside around the handle area in order to give more strength. Reinforcement patches can be welded or attached with glue. Our minimum order quantity for this type of bags is 3000pcs.

Our every plastic carrier bags are made entirely from bio polythene, they begin to degrade after being exposed to sunlight and will eventually degrade completely, leaving little footprint on the environment. We can also supply compostable bags made from coen starch or sugar cane.

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