When it comes to choosing the kind of bag most matched to your company and brand name, there are a variety of factors to take into account. One of which is whether reusable or non-reusable bags are the far better choice. Considering the advantages and also drawbacks of these can be taxing, so we have actually done it for you, allowing you to make that very important choice easily.

What Is The Difference Between Re-Usable and Non-Reusable Carrier Bags?

First of all, we need to understand the difference in between disposable and recyclable as well as the kinds they’re most likely to find in;

Non-reusable bags often tend to be either constructed out of:

  • Basic plastic (HDPE).
  • Paper.

While reusable bags, on the other hand, are generally made out of:

  • Cotton – usually referred to as cotton bags.
  • Polypropylene – generally distributed by retailers and also more sturdy than disposable plastic bags.
  • Non-woven – these bags are made from non-woven PP an eco-friendly fabric, it boasts strength and durability with its reinforced cross stitching on both handles.
  • Sugar Cane – our newest carbon neutral and 100% recyclable polyair bags. 

Which Carrier Bag is Better For The Environment?

If your business is eco-friendly over the last few years, you may have noticed an increase in sales. With current environmental concerns regarding the use of plastic bags in the UK, local and national businesses are becoming increasingly more environmentally friendly.

Current tests show that recyclable bags production really need more product, and consequently more power than non-reusable bags do. In turn, this suggests that the recyclable bag ultimately produced a more massive carbon impact in the world.

Reusable Bags

The environmental effect of a reusable carrier bag totally depends on the materials used. Because even those that are labelled as environmentally friendly can have a profound impact on the planet. Due to its features a reusable bag requiring to last much longer, it needs to be extra resilient, stronger as well as much heavier. In turn, the recyclable bag needs a lot more resources, so the footprint on the setting is raised.

If these bags are using up extra sources, when do they become to be beneficial for the atmosphere? After all, we would not undergo the procedure of making and advertising their value if they didn’t have a favourable function.

Well, the more you utilise your recyclable bags, the more eco-friendly it will become. To make the bag eco-friendly, you need to use it as often times as you possibly can – without this, it defeats the purpose of being a recyclable bag. For the bag to become to be environmentally friendly, you need to:.

  • Use a cotton bag 173 times.
  • Use a non-woven polypropylene bag 14 times.
  • Use a paper bag 4 times.
  • Use a recycled plastic bag 1-2 times.

Disposable Bags.

Although disposable bags are exceptionally hassle-free and do biodegrade in time. They are still creating detrimental damage to the atmosphere and also are just one of the biggest reasons for contamination. The Environmental Protection Agency lately revealed that, around the world, there are between five hundred billion and one trillion disposable bags used daily.

After their average use of 12 minutes, these disposable plastic bags typically end up in our oceans and landfills, producing a disgusting mess. In the production of these bags, billions of extra pounds of fossil fuels are utilised, in addition to a high amount of freshwater. These sources are very precious and could be used in a number of various methods, which would not lead to reduced resources.

Which Is Better Carrier Bag? 

So, having weighed up the two types of carrier bags, it is clear that recyclable bags are much more green. Nevertheless, this is only the case if they are reused in a variety of ways and at several times. As a result, if you are considering to advertise your brand on reusable bags, your choice of design must represent your brand in a positive light. This will be helping your customers to reuse your bags. Choose an appropriate resilient material that will last the test of time. You will see your brand advertised by your customers for some time while your business maintains an environmentally friendly image.

For a quotation on our reusable or non-reusable bags, get in touch now with Smart Carrier Bags.

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