Why Custom Carry Bags are the Superior Choice for Business

Businesses, both established and new, need to take advantage of every opportunity available to them to increase their brand presence in the marketplace. 

One of the best ways to get your brand seen by thousands of people at an affordable price is to use custom printed bags. Let’s explore how handing out free custom printed bags to your customers can help increase your organisation’s perceived value. 

The Importance of Branding

Your logo is the face of your business and custom printed carry bags are an excellent medium for prominently displaying it. Logos are more than just a simple image because when people catch sight of it, a logo tells a story about your business. 

Logos build trust and lasting recognition. It ties together all your marketing efforts, including your online and offline presence. The more contact a customer has with your company, even as brief as seeing a company logo pass by on a shopping bag, the more likely they are to remember you when considering a future purchase. 

In short, your logo is the key that binds your marketing efforts, and a custom printed carry bag is one of the most affordable means to get it out there in a big way and working for you. 

Remember, a customer who finds your bag useful will see your logo every day while it’s hanging from the wall, or in the boot of the car. And when they use the bag, the audience for your logo can potentially be in the thousands as it gets carried through a busy mall, shopping centre or tradeshow. 

Sure, online marketing is the wave of the future, but there is still a place for powerful offline marketing practices. People need to shop and carry things, so why not provide them with a free and useful item that will benefit you both. 

Use Custom Printed Bags as Your Brand Ambassadors

Customers who are walking around town and carrying items in a bag with your logo prominently printed on the side have become a walking billboard for your brand. 

You know how much it costs to have a display advertisement in a busy shopping district (in case you don’t know, it’s expensive), but a bag only costs a few pence, and you can put them in the hands of thousands of customers for minimal outlay. 

You can take advantage of the power of custom printed bags in lots of different locations, such as trade shows, shipping wholesale supplies to vendors, providing a protective covering for fresh dry cleaning, or even delivering bread. 

Make Your Company Standout

A custom printed bag can be as unique as your company because they are available in a wide range of formats and materials. You can create a custom bag design that shows off your business with the precise image for which you want to be known. 

If you want to display your commitment to the environment, then use an environmentally friendly bag material, such as paper or jute. Companies needing a high-end marketing image of quality can go for high gloss plastic bags in a range of colours. 

Choose from a Huge Range of Styles and Materials to Portray Any Image

There are tons of different styles and formats to choose from in whatever material you use in your custom printed bags. 

Custom printed paper bags never go out of style. They are cheap yet sturdy, while also being biodegradable. 

Non-woven totes are made from lightweight materials to produce a durable and robust bag that your customers will be using for years. Plus, they are created from recyclable content which helps promote your commitment to the environment. 

Printed plastic bags are of high quality and can feature a glossy finish to highlight your logo and promote an upmarket vibe of quality and style. Ribbon handles can also give your bag a more high-end feel. 

Rope handles create extra comfort for heavier loads. Flexi loop handles and die-cut handles are more budget-friendly options perfect for bags needing to hold smaller, lighter items. 

Whatever vibe you want to create around your brand and logo, there’s a custom printed bag material and design that will match your goals. 

Printed Custom Bags are Affordable

Compared to a billboard, or display advertising in print media, custom printed bags are one of the most affordable advertising mediums available. 

T-shirts, pens, and other giveaway items with your logo printed on them can put quite a dent in your marketing budget, but a run of printed bags will only set you back a few pence per item. 

When you can save a lot of money in one area, you have extra resources you can funnel into other areas that will help your business grow. Plus, you will be able to invest in more giveaways and participate in more promo events to bring in more leads and prospects. 

Printed Bags are Customizable

We’ve talked a lot about logos and getting your brand noticed, but there’s even more potential in printed bags. In addition to your logo, you can also print images of products and include slogans in your design.

Modern printing technology can produce incredible quality printing on whatever material you create your bag out of, and in full colour, so it catches the eye. Use your bags to promote new products, circulate your logo, advertise a special offer, or even promote your website. 

Bulk printing means the bags are more affordable than many other strategies you can use to get the word out about your new product launch quickly. 

Why You Should Have Custom Printed Bags at Your Next Event

Did you know that over 50% of guests are more likely to enter a stall if there is a freebie on offer and that 9 out of 10 people surveyed reported they are more likely to remember a brand which gives out a promotional product?

With those sorts of numbers, you can’t afford not to be making use of custom printed bags to promote your company. If you’re looking for affordable, yet high-quality solutions in custom printed bag designs, head on over to SmartCarrierBags.Co.UK to discuss your options on how you can give your branding a massive boost.

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