Why Paper Bags Are the Best Choice to Advertise Your Products.

Whether you need high-quality paper bags for your store, deli, or to hand out products at a trade show or marketing exhibition, have you ever considered using paper bags?

Paper bags are the superior choice for many types of industries, plus they also have the advantage of being created from environmentally friendly materials. So not only are paper bags are an excellent choice for your business, you will be helping the environment as well.

Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons paper bags are the best choice with which to supply your products:


Bespoke paper bags, custom designed for your business, are incredibly versatile, making them appropriate for any brand name or organisation; from restaurants to fashion shows, to delis and exhibition events.

Sandwich stores, takeaways, and delis need strong cleanly branded paper bags for sandwiches which are printed with your business’s message to help increase your brand exposure. Flat handle paper branded bags are also great for larger orders as well and provide even more opportunities to spread your marketing message.

For the more upmarket shops such as outlet stores, gift shops, marketing events, and museums, twisted handle paper bags provide a sturdy option for your customers to carry their purchases. Primark is a large retail brand who makes good use of eco-friendly luxury printed paper bags to enhance their brand and re-enforce their image as a company who cares about the environment.

Printed paper bags are a practical and robust option which are also recyclable and therefore an environmentally responsible choice for your business. You aren’t limited by choice when you decide to use printed retail bags for your business, as they are available in a range of styles, and options.

You have your pick of laminated paper bagsprinted flat handle bagsprinted rope handle bags, and the list goes on. Strengthening your brand is ‘in the bag’ as you have an almost unlimited range of colour choices, including the option of full colour (CMYK) with 100% ink coverage, or spot colour printing. Printed retail bags genuinely are the most versatile option to get your brand circulating in the marketplace.

Printed laminated bags provide many of the same choices as luxury printed bags, while also adding a touch of elegance to the service. This high level of polish makes them perfect for the upmarket retail sector dealing in cosmetics, fragrances, and jewellery.

Everyone seeing one of these bags strolling down the street will know the person carrying it demands nothing but the highest quality. Laminated paper bags are sophisticated and stylish, enhance the quality of your service, as well as the products they are designed to carry.

Customisable Bags

Bespoke paper bags which are custom designed to carry your marketing message can enhance and strengthen your brand presence. The bag can be personalised according to your requirements, with any image or logo you desire. It’s the perfect solution for appealing directly to your target audience.

Printed paper bags also give you the option of 100% ink protection on all your printed packaging, so you can convey the quality for which your business is known. Any logo, and any design, from simple mono-coloured images to full photographic prints are possible.

Printed retail bags are available in a full range of sizes, with full-colour printing and area colours available as options as well. Regardless of which industry you are in, from a deli, bakery, or sandwich shop, there’s a paper bag design which will perfectly complement your business.

Flat handle paper bags are great for takeaways, but there are options to suit all manner of business from cosmetics to garden tools, printed paper bags are incredibly versatile and can work for any industry.

Bespoke paper bags can offer up solutions that will make your business stand out while also increasing your market exposure.

High-End Bags

Laminated paper bags are the cream of the crop when it comes to printed paper bags. They stand for elegance and quality, and wherever they have been seen people know that there is something special hidden away inside.

With choices in handles such as ribbon or rope, gloss or matt lamination surface, and are UV and foil embossing for an extra special touch, this is high-end paper bag design at its finest.  

Upmarket retail in markets such as fragrances and cosmetics and designer stores should have laminated paper bags that match the elegance and sophistication of the products they sell. A laminated paper bag for dignified patrons of conferences or exhibitions will appreciate high-quality bags that proclaim your organisation as a strong competitor in the marketplace.

Our in-house team of designers can match exactly the look and feel of your high-end bag, so it perfectly complements your products and services.

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Laminated Paper Bags Provide Excellent Customer Experiences

You extend your service beyond the confines of the shop or counter, as your bag travels with your customer and serves as a constant reminder of the high-quality products and exceptional customer service for which your business is known.  

High quality printed retail bags don’t get thrown out, they get reused. As people use them to pass on gifts or use them as carrying bags, your brand image will be spread far and wide throughout the marketplace. It’s free advertising, and something that’s not possible with a plain paper bag, wouldn’t you agree?

Smart Carrier Bags Make Sound Financial Sense

Smart Carrier Bags makes economic sense as an affordable way to increase your brand exposure and spread your marketing message, whatever your budget.

We can create high-end paper bags, and laminated paper bags with minimum order quantities to suit your finances. Our Flat handle paper bags are also a popular option for all types of organisations and are affordable while being incredibly versatile. Another reason to choose our high-quality paper bag options is that they don’t attract the government’s 5p levy.

We’ve given you plenty of reasons why custom paper bags can work for your business, so why wait? If you’re in the market for printed retail bags, we’re ready and waiting to get our professional team on to the task of designing the perfect paper bag solution that will complement your business and impress your customers.

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