Why Pricing Shouldn’t Be the Deciding Factor When Purchasing Custom Printed Bags.

Custom printed bags should reflect the quality your business represents. They are an ambassador of sorts, as people carry them from place to place they are helping to spread your message throughout the market.

Smart Carrier Bags strive, and succeed, at always providing the best custom printed bags. Our bags, while maybe not being the cheapest, are still affordable while consistently achieving the level of quality with which you want your business to be associated.

Our rates remain very competitive, but the quality of our bespoke printed bags never deviates from the highest quality standards.

Each step of the process, from raw materials to finished product, is handled with the utmost care. We spend a great deal of time researching our suppliers, which is how we ensure no inferior materials are going into the production of your bags.

After all, it’s the only way we can ensure our customers are supplied branded carrier bags they can rely on, and their end customers will appreciate. At the end of a sale, there is still the journey home, so printed bags need to be of a high standard to ensure the products they contain remain in pristine condition.

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Cut Prices, Low-Quality Custom Bags

We will always do our best to match the rates of our competitors. However, while many of our competitors will cut prices, they will also undermine the quality of the finished product to bring it within budget.

This is a practice in which Smart Carrier Bags will not participate. For quality and reliability in bespoke printed bags, sacrificing quality for reduced prices is not in your business’s best interests.

Eco-Friendly, 100% Recyclable Custom Printed Bags

The environmental impact of our products is always a concern for us, as it should be, and that is why we promote cotton and jute bags to create products from fairly sourced eco-friendly materials direct from India.

It’s an excellent strategy we are using that is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of every business we deal with, but it’s not the only way we are moving towards more environmentally responsible practices.

We also source eco-friendly, 100% recyclable products for our paper and plastic bag products as well, further reducing every one of our client’s impact on the environment when they purchase their custom printed bags through our company.

Great Range of Custom Printed Bags

On the high street, printed, laminated bags are the flavour of the decade which are helping businesses establish a reputation for quality and reliability. Nothing spells high-quality quite like a glossy, expertly designed custom printed bag from Smart Carrier Bags.

Smart Carrier Bag’s range of laminated bespoke printed bags are manufactured from strong 200gms – 250gsm artboard, which is a great deal thicker and stronger than what is used in most of our competitors’ products.

Choices in design are comprehensive as you have your pick of print and surface materials to get just the right look and feel for your business. Every bag is custom made from scratch according to your specifications, and then expertly folded by hand.

Competitive Prices and Quality Product

Of course, while some of our rivals will beat us on price, the quality of the end product may do your brand more harm than good. One common strategy to reduce costs is to use what is known in the industry as ‘overprinting,’ which is a method that prints on top of the laminate rather than underneath on the card itself.

As there is no protective laminate barrier, the artwork can become scratched and distorted. In many cases, the damage occurs during transport, with the result being that you have to deliver your product in a bag that is a long way removed from reflecting the quality for which you want your brand to be known.

While you may be getting a cheaper rate, you must ask yourself is the lower quality worth it; we don’t think so.

We’ve been in the branded carrier bags business for several years now, and know what clients expect from our products. Our priority is to supply you with printed bags that will do your business proud. We want you to keep coming back to us, not just for our standards of quality, but also for our friendly service and prompt delivery.

So, if the cost of cheap but low-quality carrier bags isn’t worth it for your business, consider Smart Carrier Bags, where we remain competitive on price but don’t compromise on quality. Give us a call today and see for yourself the level of quality to which we always aspire.

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